Why Businesses in the Middle East should use Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Why Businesses in the Middle East should use Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Cloud adoption has been slower than anticipated in the Middle East but as the big data centre players move into the region, more and more companies are realising the benefits of hosting their IT and networks in the cloud.

If you are considering migrating your services or you are already leveraging a hybrid network using the public internet, a direct, secure connection such as Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoute is something you need to factor in for several reasons. The main ones include latency, security, reliability and cost.


Many services such Office 365 and Dynamics CRM are located outside of the region meaning that latency can cause significant performance issues. Consistent latency is a major benefit when deploying Azure ExpressRoute. If your services are experiencing lag time when in use, a direct connection will give a vastly enhanced end user experience.


Security is a high priority for all businesses with threats only increasing in scale and severity in recent years. IANCON.NET facilitate a private, direct connection via ExpressRoute to the Microsoft services in the cloud. This allows your business to bypass the public internet resulting in a faster, more secure service.

As it is a private connection, ExpressRoute allows you to pass sensitive information directly between your environment and the cloud.  For businesses who have previously been cloud averse due to data security issues, ExpressRoute mitigates this concern.  It allows you the freedom to migrate your Microsoft services to the cloud knowing you have a protected link to your network.


Increased speed and reliability of applications are further benefits of using ExpressRoute. The connection provides a fast, reliable route with a range of speeds from 50Mbps up to multiple Gbps. This makes it ideal to use for data transfers, business continuity and disaster recovery as well as other scenarios that require high availability.


Having your own personal, dedicated connection to the Microsoft cloud means costs can be reduced. With less traffic going over the public internet, less bandwidth is required and therefore you can reduce your data requirements from your current provider.  

ExpressRoute also offers unified connectivity to all Microsoft Cloud services in a geopolitical region. This simplifies data sovereignty and governance, reducing your administration costs.

How ExpressRoute fits into your network:

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